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14 August 2015 @ 12:28 am
This comm is no longer active anymore, as I'm sure most of you are aware. The comm will stay up for those of you that have posted/participated so the stories will stay up.

If any of you are interested in Teen Wolf, we do have a teenwolfbigbang comm that has been running steady and about to start it's third round.
16 November 2015 @ 04:48 pm
There are big bangs for your respective ships - wincestbigbang & deancasbigbang

wincestbigbang is new and I encourage all of you to join if you ship it. :)
22 March 2014 @ 05:01 pm
Title: Alone Together
Author: scarletphoenix1
Artist: kamawe_takami
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel/Benny Lafitte
Rating: R
Word Count: ~27K
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with SPN, I'm just playing in the sandbox.
Warnings: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Talk of past mental, physical, and sexual abuse. John is not nice. brief mentions of mpreg. Underage.
Summary: Dean Winchester has never expected to be happy. As an omega, his only hope is that he’ll end up with an alpha that’ll think of him as a human being and take him away from his abusive father.

Castiel Novak isn’t allowed to be happy. As a beta, he’s forced by his parents to hide who he is under fake bravado and forced hormone therapy. The one thing that keeps him going is his love for his best friend, Dean.

Benny Lafitte has given up on happiness. As an alpha, he should be mated with little ones running around under feet, but that isn’t how life played out. Instead he focuses on running his restaurant and ignoring his empty house.
When these three meet, will they finally find the happiness they deserve?
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15 March 2014 @ 09:45 pm
Title: Cruel Winter
Author: bellacatbee
Artist: 2blueshoes
Pairing: Pre-slash Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15, 038
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to SPN and I don't make any money off this.
Warnings: Vampires, blood, Missing child, references to torture.

Summary: Dean is surprised that anyone would rent the big house at the edge of the woods. It's been empty for years. He's even more surprised to find it's been taken by a man caring for his sickly ward. There must be hundreds of better places than a must old house for someone to recuperate. Dean finds employment at the house working as a gardener and begins to realize that things aren't all they seem. The curtains are always drawn and he isn't allowed inside. The house's new owner is strangely jumpy and rude whenever Dean suggests bringing his ward outside to enjoy the sunshine.

It's only when Dean sneaks inside the house that he discovers the reason - the man's ward, Castiel, is a vampire.

Art: Here!

Fic: Here!

Title: No Satisfaction (SPN/Mission: Impossible 1966, part of the Wind of Change AU)
Author: San Antonio Rose (ramblin_rosie)
Artist: matchboximpala
Pairing: Gen with dubious Dana/OMC and brief did-they-or-didn't-they Dana/Paris
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 23,754
Disclaimer: Not mine... and that might be a good thing.
Warnings: Cult practices, mind control, drug use, references to dub-con
Summary: Rather than breaking the Great Wall of Sam to sideline the Winchesters at the end of Season 6, Cas stranded them in 1969, whereupon the brothers not only began trying to fix the timeline but also joined the IMF. Two years later, they've already taken out Azazel, with Gabriel's help, and cemented their role as Team Phelps' paranormal experts. So when Jim gets word of a cult being built up as cover for extracting classified information from its unwary members, he calls Sam and Dean--only for them to discover that the chief source of the cult leader's power is Famine's ring. Yet even after the brothers, working with Barney and Willy, reveal a still darker layer to the secrets lurking beneath the cult's idyllic veneer, Jim insists on having Paris and Dana infiltrate and help bring the cult down from inside. It's one of those missions where Murphy's Law applies in spades, and as if Paris being a shapeshifter weren't hazard enough, things get complicated in a hurry when Dana develops a raging case of the baby bug. Can Sam and Dean get the ring back in time to save their team... and what will they do with the ring if they succeed?

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02 March 2014 @ 09:13 pm
Title: The Broken Heart is Blind
Author: dimeliora
Artist:  2blueshoes
Fandom: CW RPF
Wordcount: 17,785
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Jared/ Jensen, Jared/OMC
Genre: Crime thriller, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Warning(s): Off-screen abuse and serious dub-con, violence associated with mobs and police films, a heavy amount of inspiration from The Departed, Angst
Beta(s): sammichgirl has been patient and kind, and whatever I missed is certainly not her fault.
Prompt(s): Written for the spnaubigbang
Notes: This is late, and that is due to yesterday being a mixture of work and a painkiller funk. Thanks so much to my pinch-hitter artist 2blueshoes, the understanding mod, clex_monkie89 for advice and support, and sammichgirl for helping me figure out the ending I should have used. Also, to Justin Timberlake and The Black Keys who helped write this by making excellent music.
Disclaimer: This never happened.
Summary: Jensen Ackles would be on top of the world, rising in the Pileggi organization and put in charge of the biggest deal in years, but all of the accomplishment is tarnished by the loss of his boyfriend Jared Padalecki. Jared broke his heart, left him for the Boss's son, but Jensen is beginning to believe he's not the only one keeping secrets.

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22 February 2014 @ 05:21 pm
Title: Daddy, Please, No
Author: Hunter King (wincest_whore)
Artist: containerpink
Pairing: Dean/Sam, John/Sam (non-con)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~85,000
Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters in this fic are the property of Eric Kripke & Co. I am only using them for my own twisted amusement.
Warnings: rape/non-con, underage sexual situations, dub-con, insane!sam, character death (not Sam or Dean)
Summary: After Mary's death, John is very lonely, and he can't help but notice how attracted he is to Sam (who is eight). So, feeling absolutely disgusted with himself, John attempts to drink his feelings away. But that doesn't help; only makes them stronger, and harder to control. One night, while he's drunk out of his mind, he goes into Sam's room and starts touching him. And once he's started, he does it every night, his actions getting bolder until he finally rapes Sam (who is now eleven). After the rape, Sam becomes anti-social, and jumpy. He won't let anyone but John touch him (only because he's scared to flinch away from John). Not even Dean. And Dean noticed it, and goes to investigate, trying to get Sam to open up to him. And when he doesn't, he scopes out his room at night, finally catching John in the act. Once John's been caught, Dean takes Sam and runs to Bobby's house, explaining the whole thing to the older hunter, so when John comes to retrieve his boys, Bobby tells him to get off his property before he gives him a third hole. Over the years, Sam develops an obsession with Dean because he was the one who saved him from their father.
Author's Notes: I want to send out a huge thank you to samanddeanfan1 for offering her help in beta'ing this fic. It wouldn't be nearly as pretty as it is without her help. And to containerpark for taking a chance on my fic and offering lovely art when I thought no one was going to choose it! And finally, last but not least, I want to thank the wonderful mods at spnaubigbang for allowing me to participate in the challenge once again this year! :D


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21 February 2014 @ 06:44 pm
Hey guys! Is everyone excited? Our first post is scheduled for tomorrow! I cant wait to see what everyone has been working so hard on!

Just a reminder on formatting for posting your fic/art combined post!

Word Count:

And then add your links to the fic/art. If anyone has any questions please let me know.
18 January 2014 @ 07:26 pm
Hey guys! This is just a reminder that your art drafts are due in two weeks. If you already have your two drafts ready then go ahead and email them to us now so you don't forget to send them in! They do not have to be completed pieces (since pieces need to be completed by your posting date) so any drafts/sketches/etc that you have, get 'em in!

Check here for info on submission.